Humanitarian Aid

The JACE NGOs is keen to act upon emergency situations in cases of natural disasters and other unforeseen events. Our close tie with the Cambodian Red Cross has enabled us to undertake humanitarian missions on many occasions. The swift assistance, which we are able to offer is an important element in developing a good relationship with the beneficiaries. We intend to extend our reach of after-care programmes and further invest in reconstruction process in the disaster affected areas. Building a hospital is one but very likely option we would like to realise in the next years. The establishment of a hospital not only serves as catalyst for further employment in the local area but also adds to the improvement of access to medical care.
On the same note, we also attend to local needs. In the post-earthquake Fukushima, we are currently undergoing a project to renovate abandoned schools into a Child Care Centre for the Fukushima. The centre will shelter children who have lost or been separated from their parents in the Fukushima prefecture, providing basic education and school food to support their nutrition needs.

Social Welfare Conference

The JACE NGOs has conducted a Social Welfare Conference since 2005 in Cambodia. The significant roles played by the monks in the field of HIV/AIDS support are very much valued.

JACE NGOs Activities in Cambodia since 2002

The JACE NGOs has been focusing on attending to local needs since the beginning. We contribute towards educational support and raising awareness about the importance of vaccination against diseases in Kompong Cham Province. According to UNESCO Cambodia findings, an estimate of 300,000 people die from pollinosis, dengue fever, malaria and other related causes each year. Furthermore, one in five newborn babies is infected with malaria and this could be preempted with the introduction of vaccination and modern medical services.