JACE NGOs will fully operate our Microfinance Institution, Japan Non Government Fund (licensed in 2012). The final version of the available scheme plans are currently under revision. The Fund offers financial services to the impoverished in order to promote local entrepreneurship and support them with purchases of basic goods. We hope to improve living standards by supporting local businesses, hence the stakeholders themselves. For instance, better economic circumstances can mean better care and support given to children within families. It is exactly this self-sustainability and departure from simple “aid” that JACE aims to achieve in the long run. Microfinance can offer win-win situations for all the participating parties as it exists at the subtle equilibrium between philanthropy and business. We will therefore strive to advance the use of microfinance. It is crucial that such microfinance services be made available to the needy, particularly in Cambodia. It is estimated that 77 percent of the Cambodian population lives in poverty and that 34 percent lives in extreme poverty.

Microfinance project