JACE NGOs Academy

After two years of regional observation and investigation, JACE NGOs recognised the primary importance of educational support. Based on this recognition, a privately founded Japanese school was established in May 2005. Initially, there were only 3 classes: Japanese, English, and computer skills; most of the teachers were volunteers.

A new branch of JACE NGOs Academy, established in 2013 (pictured above). Currently, further construction to expand classrooms is underway.

Opening Ceremony (2005)

JACE NGOs invited Professor Krynac from Pennsylvania State University to the opening ceremony. He named this school JACE NGOs Academy, and has assumed a position as an advisor to the school. The Cambodian media reported his speech at the ceremony and broadcasted it widely. He stressed the importance of improving the quality of the educational system to the level of the United States and Japan. After merging with another Japanese education center (the oldest in Cambodia) in the following year, JACE NGOs Academy has become one of the largest schools in Cambodia. Japanese language is taught in all three of its branches, and today we have over 200 students and 10 teachers.

Higher Education

In addition to our previous commitments in the field of Education, the establishment of an NGO University has always been JACE NGOs’ long-term ambition. We believe that such an educational institution will allow for the realisation of our core value, namely a United Asia for world peace. By awarding a degree to those who have completed our course on voluntarism, the institution will support those striving for world peace. It will offer those who wish to build a career in humanitarian affairs the necessary education and opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the field.