Economic Environment

Two pillars support JACE NGOs measures to economic environment. First is the infrastructure development and second is the promotion of trade. Infrastructure development is a key to conduct other projects mentioned above. Not only JACE NGOs but also other supporting associations and enterprises launching to Cambodia from all over the world could benefit this development. At the same time, promoting the trade can establish a distribution channel to import basic products into Cambodia. Trade is also an important factor for the cultural exchanges. As a part of cross-cultural activities, JACE NGOs is supporting trading company to gain more comprehension of social value by donating Japanese illustrated books to Cambodian primary schools. JACE NGOs is also planning many occasions to educational and cultural exchanges through Japanese animations. All for the economic development in Cambodia, JACE NGOs will contribute to build a cornerstone in the field of infrastructure development and promotion of trade.

Donation of Multifunction device from Japanese enterprises 2013