Women, Children, and Energy

The JACE NGOs has donated some solar panels to an orphanage in 2012. The energy is undoubtedly one of the most basic needs in modern days. We are committed to providing persistent assistance; solar panels are not only a durable source of energy but also reliable under such environmental conditions in Cambodia. In the coming years, we will increase the amount of donations. For this purpose, we will equip the project team to enable in depth project plans. Specifically, we hope to employ staff with expert knowledge in the area.
Another contribution we have made in this field is the supply of battery energy storage. This donation has benefitted peoples in remote villages in Cambodia, who used to walk miles to the battery charge stations. With this battery energy storage, children can now read even when it becomes dark and families can enjoy electronic devices such as radio and television. We will expand this service beyond Cambodia.

Inspection team to Cambodia 2013

JACE NGOs had a fruitful meeting with Cambodian government by discussing the following subjects: supplementation of battery to no-electricity-region and construction of a power station plant in Cambodia. In terms of building a new school, Mr. Endo, the president of Sankyo-techno Company companied to the inspection. JACE NGOs has received 10 computers and a lecture to the students by the president. By his special grace, JACE NGOs Academy could now open a computer lecture.

Providing Solar System including solar, battery and LED light by GS Yuasa Company in 2012

In developing countries, there is no power transmission line in many villages. People are paying for the battery of the day and lighting the candles in the night. Lack of electricity causes an increase of crimes and sexual crimes that raise the problem of HIV/AIDS. Providing the electricity might lead to the reduction of those crimes. Furthermore, it also supports the development in many fields such as progress in children’s education and agricultural development. Considering this potential, JACE NGOs made a corporation with a Japanese battery maker company, GS Yuasa.