The harsh reality of HIV/AIDS victims in Cambodia should not be ignored. It is estimated that about three percent of the population of Cambodia suffers from HIV/AIDS. Among the HIV/AIDS affected population, one in seven is a child 0 to14 years old, and an unaccountable number have lost their parents as a result of this disease.

Against the backdrop of such a reality, JACE NGOs has initiated programs to offer a helping hand to individuals who have been deprived of basic rights and freedoms. The perspective of Cambodian society towards HIV/AIDS victims is not a very tolerant one. We believe that the exclusion and subsequent iosolation from the community experienced by these victims must be addressed. To this end, JACE NGOs has established a shelter for HIV/AIDS victims. Through this permanent project of victim relief, we provide thorough care ranging from psychological consultation to medical treatments such as the provision of vaccinations. Considering the significance of the role played by local temples in this effort, we also facilitate communication and engagement of the religious institution to tackle this pressing issue.

JACE NGOs aims to foster societal understanding about the preventive nature of HIV/AIDS, and calls for international awareness about the vulnerability felt by its victims.