Towards World Peace

The Asian region is witnessing volatile security situations, particularly on the territorial issues. JACE NGOs will supplement inter governmental dialogues as an international NGO. We believe that our set of pragmatic projects can make a valuable contribution and bridge between the grassroots humanitarian activities and the diplomatic postures on the humanitarian affairs.
Strengthening the employability of the bottom of the pyramid, hence ameliorating their living standard can improve international economic bearings. Furthermore, conflicts will cease to exist. People-to-people understandings beyond barriers of culture, religion and politics will be recognised. Protection and promotion of human rights will be adhered to. All these causes of world peace JACE NGOs would like to advance.
We are confident that the path towards world peace the JACE NGOs proposes represents infinite possibilities for the future. Our mission, therefore, is to bring the World closer in the everyday reality, and to incorporate the ideal of World peace into lives of peoples around the world.