Fundamental Principle

We at JACE aim to develop issue-targeted projects. All our projects are interrelated in that they foster a positive cycle of social and economic welfare towards world peace. In our philosophy, there is no such thing as a single issue project. We hope that the sum total of our projects will serve as a vehicle towards a United Asia in peace.


Eradicate HIV/AIDS through education

Eradicate Poverty through employment

Contribute to the development of Asia through cultural exchanges and international assistance

A Few Words From the Chairman

Japan-Asia Cultural Exchanges (JACE NGOs) is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation founded in 2002. As an international NGO with UN ECOSOC Special Consultative Status, we provide assistance to children, women, HIV/AIDS victims, and others in need.

The rise of Asia highlights the need to advance the cause of a United Asia. We hope to act as a bridge between Asian nations regarding various issues that Asia faces. To achieve this end, we value people-to-people interactions and the enhancement of individual nations’ natural and human resources.

We strive to extend the depth and breadth of our projects to eradicate poverty and HIV/AIDS, and to improve the living standards of people across the world through education, employment and development programmes.

I thank you sincerely for your consistent support of our activities.

Masahiro Sakata


Chairman: Masahiro Sakata

Vice Chairman: Kazuo Hasegawa

Executive Director: Yuichi Nomura

Special Advisor: Erdener Kaynak
(Professor of Marketing, School of Business Administration, Pennsylvania State University)

Special Advisor: Naoki Watanabe
(Vice President, Utsunomiya University)