About JACE (Japan-Asia Cultural Exchanges)

JACE NGOs is an international non-governmental organisation that was founded in 2003 on the principle of poverty eradication throughout the Southeast Asia region. The dedication and commitment of JACE founder and chairman Masahiro Sakata to this mission has led to a number of achievements. Throughout the years, JACE has carried out various projects focused on assisting HIV/AIDs victims and promoting the rights of women. Upon being granted Special Consultative Status in the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in 2013, we have redefined our ultimate goal towards world peace, and plan to make further commitments across Asia.

One of our most notable accomplishments has been the establishment of the Training Centre in Cambodia. This multifaceted project offers a great degree of essential education and vocational training to those who were deprived of such rights due to financial and social circumstances. The available programmmes range from basic education in the English and Japanese languages, to technical courses on computer skills. Students often find the technical courses particularly useful, as they can apply for positions in garment factories and other workshops in Japan upon completion. The Centre is supported and managed by many volunteers throughout the world. We hope to strengthen the foundation of people’s lives by providing education, which leads to new opportunities for employment, and finally to the self-sufficiency and independence of individuals and family units.

Rising concerns about the situation of those living at the “bottom of the pyramid” (BOP) in the southeast Asia region underline the urgent need for action. In this era of globalisation, the improvement of the living standards of the BOP will eventually have a significant impact upon the economic and social environment of developed countries and emerging economies. In this way, we are determined to make valuable contributions toward the enhancement of international welfare and world peace.